The 100% traceable burger.

The Blockchain Burger is the first product on our ChefChain blockchain.
You can track all 9 ingredients of the burger and verify it via blockchain technology.

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Open Food Chain

To improve transparency and fight the challenges in the food Industry, The New Fork has developed Open Food Chain.

Open Food Chain is an industry-owned blockchain that connects consumers from farm to fork. By using a combination of interoperable and scalable technologies, Open Food Chain improves industry standards, leading to reshaped simplified supply chains.

Open Food Chain helps consumers gain transparency and trust in the products they buy, and helps businesses raise efficiency, combat fraud and guarantee food safety while improving the overall food integrity.

The base of Open Food Chain will be used for multiple supply chains. For every supply chain adjustments will be made, that way every chain gets a specific blockchain that works perfectly for them. We started with the chain for juices and now we are launching ChefChain together with the original initiators Damien Taylor and Maurizio Garzelli.


ChefChain is a culinary blockchain, specifically designed for the food industry because we believe that the food industry has the most to gain from the adoption of the blockchain, ChefChain gives access to everyone from chefs, suppliers, producers, growers, processors, and customers, allowing equal access to this world changing tool, but we don’t see the blockchain as lines from end to end like the private blockchains, we see ChefChain as a web, where lines cross and supply chains meet, on ChefChain these interactions are opportunities for all businesses large & small, our goal is to create a woven fabric of companies that interact with each other on the blockchain, creating solid and immutable ties like the blocks on the blockchain.

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